Description of tasks of the Meteorological Monitoring Network

1- Investigating and presenting reasoned justifications for the development of the meteorological stations network of the province

2- Supervising the proper implementation of specialized instructions issued by the headquarters in meteorological stations

3- Cooperating in designing information registration forms required by all stations

4- Determining the skill needs of the staff of the province's surveillance network for the necessary and relevant courses

5- Controlling and supervising how the reports sent by the stations and the reports received through the meteorological telecommunication system simultaneously

6- Supervising and following up the payment of remuneration of the operators of climatological and meteorological stations in accordance with the relevant regulations

7- Continuous cooperation in preparing materials related to the activities of the surveillance network stations for inclusion in the publications and bulletins of the province and the organization.

8- Pursuing the improvement of the career development path of synoptic meteorological experts working in the stations